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Bruno Loyale(non-registered)
Yes, this is me....I'm still going strong.....and yes, the memories of my "temporary hold-up" in Palau was one for the books when the Filipino ship took off without us.....and I had to recruit a vessel from Australia to get the crew and animals out of Palau......are you the wonderful Peace Corp gal that sold tickets and helped us in Palau....if yes, then that's incredible and yes, I remember you.....some things in life are not easy and not without their challenges...but to have a dream and then try to make that dream reality is a hoot, especially when you do accomplish was the tour of Micronesia....through hell and high waters, we did it.....and now it's history....but one day, many years elephant did munch on some banana leaves in Palau......with my love and best wishes....Bruno
Could this be the Circus Bruno that came to Palau when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer must have been 1989 or 1990. The circus got stranded in Koror, Palau for a while and people from Babeldaub, Palau brought in food for the elephant and the ?tiger? I think. Wow, what memories this brings back.
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