I ran away from college in the 1970s to join the carnival and sideshow. Since then I have performed at many different shows from Coney Island to the South Pacific as a sword swallower and all around carny. While working I developed a desire to photograph my fellow performers both at work and at play this desire soon grew to include the people and places we visited.
Although I returned to college and completed my degree in psychology and photography I still perform from time to time as my passion and my heart will always be with the sideshow and the friends, I made along the way both living and departed.

I am a proud member of The Sword Swallowers Association International and The International Independent Showmen's Association.


                                                                    Past Art and Photo exhibits


                                          Photographer’s Forum   

                                       Santa Barbara, CA


                                         Foto DC- Flash

                                     Crystal City Business Improvement District

                                     Arlington, VA     


                                       Photographer’s Forum

                                    Santa Barbara, CA 


                                      Coney Island Sideshow Museum 

                                   One-person show


                                      Arete: Forum for Thought (art magazine)         

                                   Sideshow photos and text in article “The Strange, the Weird, the Odd”


                                       Tyler Gallery
                                    Alexandria, VA 


                                       Art Expo
                                   General Accounting Office
                                   Washington, DC

                                   Best in show     


                                      Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition

                                   Brooklyn NY


                                      Artomatic artist Show

                                   Crystal City



                                      Artomatic Artist Show

                                   Dance Place

                                   Washington DC